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Meadow View Doggy Day Care, Oakenholt, Flint, Deeside

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What is Doggy Daycare?

Doggy Daycare is very popular in America and growing in popularity in the UK. Many people have to work 8 hours days, when your dog, on average should be left no more than 4 hours. Daycare is designed to wholly meet all your dogs needs whilst your are in work. We aim to love, entertain, exercise and care for your dog. Daycare is an enjoyable social environment where your dog can make lots of new friends. Its the perfect way to socialise a young dogs, and puppies are accepted once all their vaccinations are complete. Healthy play and exercise is encouraged as is nap time and adequate rest. Your dog will have company for the entire day, ideal if they would otherwise be home alone or great for dogs who just enjoy making friends.

We currently have 443 square foot of indoor daycare space with plans for a larger indoor room during 2017. There are plenty of toys provided, sofa's paddling pool crates and beds. Large outdoor run and larger secure garden area for dry days. Our daycare room can be split in 2 to ensure all dogs are comfortable with their playmates. Size and age are taken into account when grouping dogs.

We are happy to accept feedback on what you think your dog would like to do in daycare, or additional ideas on toys we should provide. Not all dogs suit daycare and daycare does not suit all dogs - although it can help with dogs who are nervous around other dogs usually more confident dogs get on better. We must meet and assess any dog for its suitability for daycare to ensure your dog will enjoy its time here. we ask for a full assessment form to be completed prior to accepting your dog. We ensure prior to your dog coming for the full day, that they are happy with us, and happy at least with Meadow View's resident dog. If they seem happy they will stay for an hours free trial to see how they settle there, if this is sucessful they can be booked for their first day in Daycare.

The main thing is that the dogs are safe and happy whilst with us, we want your dog to enjoy coming here and enjoy the company of the other dogs. We require all dogs to be up to date with Vaccinations for the safety of yours and the other dogs. Kennel cough is advised but not a requirement. All dogs must be microchipped and MUST WEAR A COLLAR AND TAG WHILST IN DAYCARE.

Entire dogs can sometimes cause problems in daycare. Entire dogs will only be accepted if we feel their behaviour is suitable and non disruptive in the Daycare Environment.

We can provide regular photographs of your dogs enjoying their time in Daycare on our facebook page.

To book, please call us on 07711 388042